Haffmans – Pentair QC Equipment Authorised Service Center

Pentair Haffmans, supplies quality control equipment in brewing, soft drink and wine industry. We proudly service, maintain and calibrate their full range of QC equipment model like Gehaltemeter (i-DGM, c-DGM, o-DGM, GMT, DGM-03), Automator, c-TPO, TPO, OGM, NIBEM, VOS ROTA, Keg Monitor, Redpost RPU Pasteurisation Monitor, RPC-80/50, ISD etc.

Haffmans Brochure

Maintenance And Services

Techotrix offers an array of support and service plans to help and ensure that your process equipment continues  to meet your expectations in regard to plant availability, product quality and process safety.

  • In-House Repair and Routine Maintenance Services
  • Field Breakdown and Calibration Services
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Function Modification

Calibration Services

At Techotrix, we offer full range of calibration services for all quality control and measuring equipment that we supply. Our company trained technicians are experienced, qualified and performing calibration job on-site or in-house with highest possible standards and unrivaled quality assurance.

Spare Parts Supply

Techotrix keeps full stock of high quality original parts for preventative maintenance and repairs of all equipment we sell. Whatever is your problem or immediate need, we assure you delivery of right parts or alternative solution to keep your process up and running in shortest possible time.

Startup Assistance

Techotrix is known for providing excellent technical support right from selection of product to installation, commissioning and instrument training. We ensure your process is fine-tuned for measurement and control from day one. We can provide comprehensive instruction to device users and technical staff.

  • After Sales Technical Support
  • Installation
  • Commissioning

Instrument Training

Techotrix aims that customer must achieve best performance and consistence result of instrument supplied. Hence we provide customized training to enhance knowledge and skills of operator, electricians, advanced users and laboratory technicians either on site or in our office conference room. Our training provides valuable insight into the theory, principles, operation, maintenance, safety and calibration.