1-CUBE is a Czech agile company producing lab-equipment for breweries, malthouses and biotechnological laboratories. The 1-CUBE company was founded in 1991. For the first five years, the company did all its business in the Czech Republic with its own products. However in 1996, the company began the programme that has led to increase in sales outside the Czech Republic. 1-CUBE's headquaters are in Havlickuv Brod in the Czech Republic. With 30 years of experience in breweries and associated laboratories with instruments of many types, 1-CUBE has served its customer base with uncompromised quality and an unwavering commitment to after-sale service and support. The owner of the company, Mr. Kubes, has a long experience in the brewing and malting industries. He is a member of Master Brewers Association of the Americas and he has cooperated with eminent experts in brewing, malting, biotechnology and with research institutes and laboratories since 1980. Its main areas of business are Mash Baths, Equipment for Measurement of CO2, Beer Analyzers, Pasteurization Monitors, Anaerostats, Defoamers, Microfilters, etc.

  • Laboratory Equipment for Brewery & Beverages