• Automated AT2E Torque Tester ADATMV-ECO

    AT2E has wide range of Torque Testers models staring from hand held to fully automatic and on-line to suit your requirement. Our Torque tester consist of stainless steel attractive frame, customised claw, pneumatic clamp and coloured touch screen.
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  • Fully Automatic AT2E Secure Seal Analyzer SSA-AUTO

    AT2E SSA-AUTO Secure Seal Analyzer is for testing the secure seal performance on finished products. It has fully automated piercing and pressurizing process with integrated vacuum AT2E patent needle.
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  • Automatic Hot Wire Bottle Cutter HWBC-2

    AT2E innovative HWBC-2 Hot Wire Bottle Cutter offers an automated and cost saving way for cutting containers for section weight analysis. A clean section without deformation will be obtained by a quick cutting of bottles through heated hot wires.
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  • SeamCheck Plus Automatic Double Seam Projector

    AT2E SeamCheck Automatic Double Seam Projector provides the most convenient way to accomplish the seam inspection. Seaming quality is critical and important for can inspection. Along with professional SeamCheck software, a fast and accurate seam measurement could be done.
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  • Fill Level Detection

    To check the fill level for any under-filling and over-filling in bottles and beverage cans, regardless of the product or the label. The measurement is based on an X-ray, high frequency and infrared technology…..

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  • Empty Bottle Inspector (EBI)

    Complete inspection of empty bottles after the washer and before the filler : base, finish, thread, sidewall…..

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    EBI and Fill level inspection
  • Label-inspection and End-of-Line

    For a final quality inspection of filled and labelled containers by at least 4 cameras to ensure a 360o inspection. Labels can be inspected for the following criteria: Presence, accuracy, correct position….

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  • Laboratory Refractometer

    Schmidt + Haensch ATR-BR series provides robust and compact laboratory refractometer with bigger LCD display, excellent price-performance ratio  and very stable measurements.

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  • Inline Process Refractometer

    Schmidt + Haensch iPR HR² inline refractometer measures the refractive index continuously in real time and instantly determines the concentration of dissolved solids in solution with highest resolution.

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  • Industrial-Grade Moisture Analyzer Sensortech NIR-6000

    The NIR-6000 provides an on-line, real-time, moisture analysis of most industrial product. Our sensor employs near infrared reflectance (NIR) technology, which is continuous, non-contact and nondestructive. Your process is never impeded and your product never compromised.
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  • Food-Grade and IP67 Harsh Environment Moisture Analyzer

    Stainless-steel NIR-6100 Series of Online IR Moisture Analyzers are designed for food-grade applications. The IP67 rating of the NIR-6300 Series has been developed to withstand severe wash-downs, excessive dust environments, and to protect it against the effects of immersion.

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  • Open Frame Moisture Sensor Sensortech ST-3300

    The ST-3300 is the next generation of moisture sensor working on patented radio frequency principle. The product passes over the sensor and it is commonly used for applications having extreme temperatures, excessive vibration, or other harsh environments.
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  • Food Texture Analyzer FTM-50

    The Food Texture Analyzer (Texturometer) FTM-50 is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for rapid testing, detailed texture analysis in applications up to 1 kN (225 lbf). The Texturometer uses interchangeable load cells as a force measurement element. ….
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  • Charpy/Izod Pendulum Impact Tester for Plastics PIT-25

    To perform impact resistance tests on rigid plastic specimens, composites, ceramics …, the equipment basically consists of a robust tabletop frame, and with a polycarbonate cabin to protect the loading and unloading operations. ….

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  • Temperature + RH Logger Giriraj tlog SMART + PDF

    tlog SMART PDF are most accurate, intelligent & economical loggers specially designed to retrieve recorded in-transit temperature + relative humidity readings without any need of proprietary software, PC interface cable or reader.
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  • Authorised Service Center of Haffmans Quality Control Equipment

    Pentair Haffmans is a market leader in state of the art technology and supplies quality control equipment, micro-filtration and carbon dioxide (CO2) systems for the brewing, soft drink, wine, bioethanol and biogas industries.
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Process Measurement & Quality Control Equipment

Techotrix Pty Ltd is proud to be a wholly owned Australian company and specializes in sales and service of quality control equipment. Our equipment are mainly used in laboratory, production and packaging area of food, brewing, beverage, chemical, minerals, wood, paper and gypsum industry. Techotrix is an authorized distributor and/or manufacturer’s rep for some of the industry’s leading brand like AT2E, Miho, Schmidt Haensch, Sensortech, Haffmans, Giriraj Group, etc...

Our trained staff has 20+ years of experience in testing, analyzing, monitoring and controlling process control parameters. We strive to maintain a high level of technical advice and support on all equipment we sell. Our instrumentation solutions provide maximum precision, efficiency and reliability. We pride on our technical knowledge, flexibility and ability to provide cost effective solutions to industry we serve.

New Standard of Inspection in Bottling Industry - miho Inspection System

What We Do

Product Selection

Techotrix has access to world instruments and process control products ….

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Our highly trained technician can provide full Calibrations at our calibration ….

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Maintenance & Service

We offer different service programs designed to meet your needs: from the ….

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We provide operational and routine maintenance training to operators, electricians ….

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Agencies We Represent